Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost (aka:"spent mushroom substrate" or "SMS") is a wonderful soil additive. It provides essential plant nutrients, active minerals, organic matter, and improves the water retention of the soil. Customers that have used SMS over the years say it does wonders for their gardens, lawns, and crops. Since our SMS is very rich, you probably do not want to plant directly into the compost. It is only considered non-burning when you incorporate it into the soil, or top-dress existing plants that already have an established root system. For potted plants, take care to only apply a thin layer on top and make sure to have adequate drainage, since SMS is rich in available nutrient salts and may burn root systems. Make sure to water thoroughly soon after the substrate is applied.

Before planting flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, trees, shrubs, or fruit trees - we recommend applying at least a 2-3 inch layer of SMS on top of your bed and till it in several inches deep. Then plant your plants and water them regularly. If you have plants that are not doing well, you can top-dress with a 1-inch layer and continue watering on a regular basis.